Taking input from camera

By |2018-11-11T11:43:56+00:00April 6th, 2016|Blog, Programming, Projects|

Today I am trying to get input from default camera, with OpenCV. OpenCV hasa great library called "videoio" which can handle video input/output from filesystem or imaging devices. This library has a class cv::VideoCapture which [...]

OpenCV Data Types

By |2018-11-11T11:44:21+00:00April 6th, 2016|Blog, Programming, Projects|

Earlier when OpenCV was in its childhood stage - it used Iplimage as the structure to capture image data. The problem with this structure was this that one had to manage memory manually with it. [...]

Rendering AVI video in OpenCV

By |2018-11-11T11:44:15+00:00March 30th, 2016|Blog, Programming, Projects|

Got following code online: #include “highgui.h” int main( int argc, char** argv ) { cvNamedWindow( “Example2”, CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE ); CvCapture* capture = cvCreateFileCapture( argv[1] ); IplImage* frame; while(1) { frame = cvQueryFrame( capture ); if( !frame [...]

Setting up of pi

By |2018-11-11T11:44:34+00:00March 16th, 2016|Blog, Programming, Projects|

Yesterday I received Raspberry Pi 3. Its pretty good actually - 1 Gb RAM, WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility and what not. More about hardware configuration can be found here. I purchased it from Elementz. It [...]

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