What’s self-hypnosis ?

Let’s first understand hypnosis a bit. As opposed to common notion of hypnosis being an ill practice to control someone else, it’s a clinical therapy process where you tap into the unconscious mind of the subject (one who is being hypnotized), and relay positive messages directly to subject’s unconscious mind. Here, we actively bring down the logical conscious mind by using various methods so that new positive beliefs can be easily formed.

It’s very technical. Please use internet to get more information if you are interested in technicalities – there’s a whole neuroscience behind it. I want to keep this post very simple so I am skipping that part.

Now, self-hypnosis is hypnotizing yourself without a hypnotherapist physically present in your vicinity. Again, there are many methods but the most common one is by using audio tracks of recorded session.

What’s my project and What’s the need

Well, lately I was having problem with sleep due to decreased physical activity. Recently, I had jaundice and I am still recovering from it. I was strictly suggested to refrain from physically stressing situations like exercising. Now due to my work nature (I am a software developer), my physical activity was already at low, while mental activity was at its peak. Hence, this project to help me sleep sound.

So basically, my project is an audio production, whereby I try to bring the subject to the state of trance and then I give them some positive suggestions and at last suggest them to go for a deep sleep.

Now, I am not a professional hypnotherapist but I certainly know what I am doing. I have taught myself many of it’s aspect and have been trained by “Mr. Sajan Galani”, who by the way is a renowned hypnotherapist. On top of that, I have tested it on myself and it does work. It should not have any side affects unless you use this recording while doing something that require attention, like driving, cooking or operating any tool.

It was a nice learning experience for me to produce it.. Hope you derive some benefit out of it.

Here’s the download link.